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Alicia and feathered friend Kiki

Welcome to Joy Magnet Affirmative Art!

My name is Alicia, and I'm so happy to share some of my creations with you here. I've been creating art in many forms since I can remember! For the past dozen or so years, I've stayed happily busy creating custom sculptures & jewelry that combine my love of art and animals, especially parrots. (Visit my websites www.ParrotJewelry.com and my newest line at www.ARTdornments.com if you'd like to see some of my other creations!) I could never have imagined a more unusual and fun occupation!

My middle name is Joy, and within the last few years I'm happy to say that I have really began to LIVE it! After hitting "rock bottom" with health issues several years ago, I experienced a great awakening that changed my life in profound ways. As a result, I began to make many positive changes, and the shifts in every aspect of life have been amazing to experience!

Around that time, I began making these decorative magnets for myself, friends, and family. During times of difficulties, and "bumps along the road", making and seeing these little reminders around would help remind me to keep my focus on the positives - and besides that, they simply made me happy! Eventually, it occurred to me that perhaps others would enjoy them as I do, so I began offering them for sale.

I also enjoy creating custom light switch plate covers in the same style as magnets, you can check them out here.

I make these little creations for the fun of it - they truly bring me JOY to create, and I would love to pass that on to you! It has always been my intention to create from my heart, express what wants to come through me, and bring others joy through my work.

Definition of Joy Magnet
Joy Magnet

About the artwork...

Each unique art magnet is like a miniature "collage in clay". The pieces are created by hand from polymer clay, and each is individual and no two will be the same. The clay is treated with metallic pigment powders adding color that has a slight shimmer.

Pieces of clay are torn into "fragments", and impressed with stamps and other objects for interesting designs. Most pieces have several layers of clay, with various inspirational words and positive sayings that mean something to me.

Each piece is accented with beads, charms, or occasionally rhinestones, crystals and gemstones, for added interest and sparkle.

The pieces have strong Rare-Earth (Neodymium) magnets glued on the back, where each piece is also signed and dated.

Magnet frames are also available to beautifully display the magnets, and are suitable for table tops or hanging on the wall. Currently, frame color choices are black, brown, or white, with your choice of any color of textured cardstock background.

Framed pieces make a wonderful gift, especially with several magnets to swap out for rotating artwork!

All art magnets, frames, and jewelry currently for sale can be found in the Joy Magnet Art Etsy Shop.

You can reach me through the contact form with any questions or comments.

Want to stay up to date when new pieces are available for sale? The best way to stay informed is through Twitter or Facebook!

Framed Art


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